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Choosing a shape for your eternity band, is quite the journey which requires a little time, a bit of research, and planning. Here we highlight characteristics of each of the types of shapes we carry to help you with your choice. Please feel free to contact us at or

– Our most popular diamond cut. All due to its symmetrical shape and sparkle that is unique to this most popular fancy cut.

– A diamond cut inspired and derived from the classic emerald cut, the asscher is notably known by it’s unique X shaped facet which is visible in the stone’s table.

– Known to emphasize on clarity versus sparkle, the emerald is an instant classic. The cut is inspired by the diamond’s namesake gemstone and also known to sport a wider table.

– Quite a classic on its own, the cushion cut is a diamond that marries the features of an oval and round cut diamond.

– A piece rarely picked but secretly envied, the marquise is quite a sophisticated piece which can carry itself well on its own. Much larger in size compared to actual weight due to its unique shape.

– Stunningly beautiful and a modern classic in the making, the radiant cut is a strong looking piece which was made with much inspiration to other diamond cuts (an emerald, a cushion, and a princess cut).

– A much softer piece compared to a marquise and a round cut, the marquise is a very romantic choice. Developed in the 1960’s, spotlights this amazingly beautiful piece as a showstopper classic.

– Our second most sought after diamond, the round cut is one to beat. Seen in all sizes and weights, paired with all the other cuts, and could stand quite well on its own on a solitaire setting. Also quite known for it’s hefty asking price due in part to it being costly to produce.