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Diamond Table / Table Percentage

Diamond Table / Table Percentage

To calculate a diamond’s table percentage, you first start by dividing the measurement of the table (in millimeters) by the size of the girdle’s diameter, after which the number is then rounded to a whole number (in percentage). For diamonds that are not...
Diamond Depth /  Depth Percentage

Diamond Depth / Depth Percentage

Depth percentage is calculated by dividing the depth by width. When the depth percentage is lower, the diamond will appear larger when set in a ring. When the diamond is too deep, the size of the diamond will not be fully appreciated when set in a ring and the width...
Diamond Symmetry. What is it?

Diamond Symmetry. What is it?

Symmetry is key when shopping for round brilliant (or ideal) cut diamonds. Much less so when it comes to fancy shapes or cuts such as an asscher cut or an emerald cut diamond. Round cut diamonds are cut with 57 facets (58 with culet), giving it more room for error if...
Diamond Polish. What is it?

Diamond Polish. What is it?

One of the most important factors in the overall quality of diamonds is the polish. Depending on the severity of these micro scratches on the diamond’s surface, the light that travels through and from the diamond may be misdirected. These small micro scratches...

Choosing the best diamond shape for your eternity ring / band.

  Choosing a shape for your eternity band, is quite the journey which requires a little time, a bit of research, and planning. Here we highlight characteristics of each of the types of shapes we carry to help you with your choice. Please feel free to contact us at...